The goal of ‘branding’ is to differentiate you as a preferred market leader over others who may compete for the same customers and for a portion of your market share. The strength of a good brand is evidenced by its simplicity and relevance; for it to be effective and memorable, it must be simple . . . and for it to be relevant, it must communicate to your target market.

‘Branding’ speaks to being pro-active with ‘a message’ to share and ‘an image’ to shape, manage, and promote to the marketplace; for credibility, the company, the community, or the product must consistently ‘live-up to the promise of the brand’. Once developed, the ‘brand’ should be integrated into multiple medias and venues of your program to promote and reinforce its unique marketing proposition.

Years ago, Post Properties integrated ‘Post’ into the name of all their apartment-home communities, and their brand was identified by ‘amazing parklike landscapes’ that greeted residents and guests with lush and colorful scapes of seasonal plantings, perennials, and evergreens that enveloped the homes and elevated the value of residing in an apartment-home community; their brand was rewarded with a higher than normal occupancy and greater resident retention . . . despite premium rental rates above that of their competitors.

A ‘brand’ can be a trademark design feature, a pro-green approach to building, an exceptional customer service/warranty program, or some other competitive advantage that your company pro-offers. Whether your goal is to create ‘a brand’, take your existing brand to the next level, or massage your current message, our award-winning team of brand and marketing professionals await the opportunity to work with you.

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