Spectrum Design Group has partnered with David for many years to create advertising, signage, logos, displays, web sites and other sales collateral. We have experienced his commitment to excellence in all aspects of a project. David’s proven ability to convey his “vision” into unique advertising and marketing solutions, leads to outstanding results for his clients.
Lee White, President
Spectrum Design Group

Result Realty's New Homes division has had the pleasure of partnering with David Baker & Associates on several projects in the past and present. With David Baker & Associates, you 'are hiring David', not an assistant, to provide you with a qualitative and quantitative roadmap for developing meaningful floorplans, streetscapes, land plans, marketing programs, model homes, sales centers . . . and success!

Robert Shepherd, Sales Manager
New Homes Sales & Marketing

David's market-driven feasibility studies and strategies enable builders to deliver the right product at the right price in the right place with the right promotion . . . 'from the get-go'. His professionalism and candor are concise, backed by substance, and driven by facts, knowledge, and experience.

Janie Gray
Bo Bridgeport Brokers, Inc. Principal/Broker

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