An on-target, professionally merchandised model is a builder’s best sales tool! Designed to ‘emphasize the strengths’ and ‘minimize the weaknesses’ of a home, a well merchandised model elicits the emotional buying signals of targeted buyers, causing future owners to linger longer with the sales consultant and distance themselves from the competition.

David's irresistible models reflect the target market’s demographics and psychographics and ‘weaves’ their expectant lifestyle characteristics and ‘hot-button’ motivations for purchasing throughout the entire design to achieve an appropriate ‘drop-dead’ experience that speaks to them in a humanistic and intriguing manner . . . while bridging understanding with buyers for the livability and practicality that the home provides.

Beyond the results-oriented successes that his merchandising produce, David’s models have been favored with local, regional, and national awards-of-excellence including coveted BEST IN AMERICAN LIVING awards . . . providing David, the builder, and the product with added third-party credibility that is persuasive to select buyers seeking added reassurance.

Finally, most builders who subscribe to David’s first-class merchandising services find, that the demand for readily-available inventory falls off, allowing for less overall product exposure, better margins, and a more pro-active and secure position in an industry of ever-changing market conditions.

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