Beyond available statistics that provide a broad-brush perspective of a sub-market’s viability, David’s studies delve into the microcosmic factors that drive a sub-market’s top-selling communities, builders, and plan designs. His analyses identify sub-market conditions as well as target-market characteristics, expectations, and motivations that make a difference and produce measurable results.

Best-selling floorplans, competitive market features, a price-per-square-foot value analysis, and associated cost/benefit value-oriented recommendations are provided and summarized. Positive factors and challenging influences that impact the sub-market are identified and addressed. Knowledgeable and instinctive, David provides clients with community- and product-specific memory points that will set the client apart from the competition.

The goal of each market-study assignment is to provide comprehensive information and insights that will enable the client to visualize, develop, and nurture a neighborhood’s or community’s success from start to finish.


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