SPRING 2009: Slower Market Conditions

Slower market conditions provide an optimal and decisive time to examine all aspects of your advertising, marketing, and merchandising messages to insure that you are delivering on ‘the wow factor’ that turn heads and influence targeted buyers. Objectively evaluated, those who move forward with a cost/benefit approach to achieving appropriate adjustments will be positioned to project persuasive first and lasting impressions . . . for maximizing their success in today’s market, and for being prepared for ‘a positive resurgence of pent-up demand’ when consumer confidence improves.

Additionally, this is a great time to follow ‘the lead’ from John Wieland, one of America’s top marketers, and create a positive public relations program worthy of ‘good-news media attention’. Here, John launched his ‘101 Sales Campaign’ in March where he is ‘camping out’ on-the-floor of inventory homes throughout his communities in the southeast at night and, during the day, meeting one-on-one with prospective buyers until his agents sell a total of 101 homes. Today, there is no better time for ‘grass-roots marketing’ where buyers can meet the builder, where the advantages of ‘buying today’can be promoted, and where ‘a built-in focus group of today’s consumers’ who would be your buyers . . . can be experienced, personally.

Remain positive, be pro-active, be creative in your marketing and public relations endeavors, and promote yourself, the benefits of home ownership, and your industry! Schedule an appointment with David, today, at 770/751-1155 . . . and let’s evaluate your needs and opportunities together!

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